Tuesday 21st May 2024 | Thulatha 12th Dhul-Qa'dah 1445 [?]
Predictions for Eid ul Fitr 1445-1455

By Eng. Qamar Uddin, ICOUK (Apr 2024/Shawwal 1445)

Day and week calendar

Many of our UK Moon Sighters have expressed happiness and joy in doing Eid with the local sighting on Wed, 10/4/2024 (as per Hadith).
They were even more happy to join the wider community with family/friends for a United Eid with foreign countries (Morocco and Saudi Arabia), too.
They wish to know when they will get the opportunity for another united Eid-ul Fitr (to safeguard the Ramadan fast) and also to make arrangements for Eid venues in the winter months.
Therefore, please check the attached table of predicted Eid dates for the next 10 years (1445 – 1455) and make the necessary arrangements (eg. venues/car parking) for future Eids, InshaAllah.

(Note: The Eid-ul Adha dates are less urgent, as we will get 9 days and 10 nights advance notice, InshaAllah.)
Reference: Ramadan Visibility Maps for 1437 - 1455 | Summary of UK Moon Sighting Fatawa