Sunday 16th June 2024 | Ahad 9th Dhul-Hijjah 1445 [?]

Simulation Video: Muslim Moon Sightings (see Reference below)


The NAAP Lunar Phases Lab demonstrates how the earth-sun-moon geometry gives rise to the phases of the moon as seen from earth. A distant view of an observer looking down on earth as well as a perspective of an observer looking into the sky are used in the the simulator.


Details and resources for this lab – including demonstration guides, in-class worksheets, and technical documents – can be found on the instructor's page. Some resources are not available for all modules.

LunarPhaseSimulatorLunar Phase Simulator

Moon Phases and the Horizon Diagram [swf]

Reference: Muslim Moon Sighting, by Imad Ahmad and S. Khalid Shaukat, Mercury (1995)

PLEASE NOTE: The above simulation is best viewed from a computer browser with the Adobe Shockwave Player plug-in. It may not be possible to be viewed from a Mobile Phone unless the phone browser has the relevant (iOS/Android) plug-in.