Friday 1st December 2023 | Jumuah 16th Jumada-I 1445 [?]
Notice: Please look for Jumada-II 1445 Hilal on  14-16 Dec 2023. Jzk [Read more]
UK Moon Sighting Fatawa (from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) [Summary] [Booklet]
UK-only Moon Sighting Criteria Survey Results: 85% Yes and 15% No [Read more]
Moon Sighting UK Procedure
(1) Sighting, (2) Reporting, (3) Testimony and then (4) Declaration (by Ulama Panel) in all 12 months of the year according to the rules of Shariah (see Hilal Testimony Procedure)

Announcement for start of Jumada Al-Ula 1445 AH
Local (UK-only): Start of Jumada-I 1445 from Thursday, 16th Nov 2023, InShaAllah.
View Observations Results for Jumada-I 1445 AH

Why look for the moon for 3 days a month?
It is an Islamic tradition (Sunnah) for Muslims to look for the crescent moon (Hilal) on the 29th of the month, and if it is not sighted, then it must be seen on the 30th (in a clear sky). This is usually the case in all equatorial countries (i.e., in the vast majority of the Muslim countries) and it was also true in the UK for the past 15 years (since 2008) we have been doing moon sightings, but it is not the case during Major Lunar Standstills. [Read more]
Explanation of the UK and Morocco calendars (1444) [YouTube]

Comparison of the UK and Morocco Hilal Sighting Reports (1439 - 1445 AH)
Comparison UK Morocco1445a Looking at the past few years of observation data, it appears that (1) it is possible to sight the first day’s Hilal on the UK horizon throughout the year (if a real effort is made), (2) attempting to sight the Hilal on the UK 29th, shows it will triple the number of 29th day’s sightings compared to looking (in UK) on Morocco 29th (see tables below). [Read more]

The Hanafi Madhab: Global Moon Sighting is NOT proven! [View Poster] [Urdu PDF]

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