Monday 15th July 2024 | Ithnain 8th Muharram 1446 [?]

The moon sighting locations map below is for evaluation purposes. If you have visited any of the locations (or found a new one), please email us via our on-line Contact Us form and we will update it, InshaAllah. Please see disclaimer below.


(1) Zoom into your area and click on the blue location icon
(2) Click on the red direction-arrow to visit your location



Compiled by Hidayatullah Patel, updated by Qamar Uddin (July 2019)


The above location data is provided for your own convenience in good faith, to be used entirely at your own risk. The compilers of the data do not accept any responsibility or liability arising from the possible loss or damage caused by the use of the data. Furthermore, you undertake to be fully responsible for your own safety and that of others in your group (if any).

You are advised to visit the location during daylight hours prior to the actual date of observation to note the sunset position and any other safety issues.

Some locations may not be suitable for children or elderly (or other vulnerable adults), especially during the darkness after sunset. Group travel is always advisable (to include at least two adults) for your own safety and for verification of the observation report.