Sunday 16th June 2024 | Ahad 9th Dhul-Hijjah 1445 [?]

The purpose of the UK Regional Hilal Groups on WhatsApp is for any of the UK Hilal observers to network with other observers in their area and to report their observations.

Therefore, if you carry out regular moon sightings, please join one of the UK Regional WhatsApp (Waiting Room) groups and then complete the introduction template below for the group admin to process your request. By joining the Waiting Room group, you are giving your consent to the admin to add you to the main group.

These groups are open to anyone (or any organisation) so you do not need to be a registered ICOUK member to join the Regional WhatsApp group, but you will need to follow the ground rules given below (and also shown on the group description after you join).

However, if you are new to moon sighting, please make that clear after you join the Waiting Room group (where you can add your introduction) and the admin will do their best endeavour to find other experienced sighters in your area who can support you (or help you receive training), InshaAllah.

The overall aim of these groups is to establish an Islamic Hijri Calendar for the UK, which is a communal obligation (Fardh Al-Kifaya).

Hilal Group Rules

The purpose and rules for the group are to:

  • ✔️discuss and organise sighting locations, i.e. who will go to what locations (especially during working hours in the winter season)
  • ✔️share sighting report, preferably with photos of both the sunset and the Hilal; and then report it to ICOUK website
  • ✔️share your experience with others, especially those who are new to moon sighting

Please avoid the following:

  • ❌Any discussion not related to the above or any foreign reports
  • ❌Forward Hilal announcements by any groups
  • ❌Forward unrelated images, messages or videos

If you are not sure, please Private Message (PM) the admin before posting. JazakAllahu Khaira

Introduction Template

(to copy-paste and edit as necessary/send to the admin)

Assalamualykum. My name is <title> <full name> from <town>
I work as a ... OR I am a ...*
I am interested in moon sighting activity because ...
I normally go to the <location> which has a clear view of the western horizons*
I do not have a suitable location in mind and would like to help to find one*
*delete/edit as appropriate
Join UK Regional Hilal Groups (from Mobiles with WhatsApp only)

UPDATE: As a result of inappropriate (SPAM) messages to our Regional WhatsApp (Waiting Room) groups, we have disabled all the direct joining links. Therefore, please email your introduction message via our online Contact Us form (with your WhatsApp number) and we will add you to the relevant group ASAP, InshaAllah. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. (9/2021)

icouk regions map
  1. North East Hilal Group (Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Durham etc) to Join North West Hilal Group below (ATM)
  2. North West Hilal Group (Blackburn, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Preston, Liverpool etc)
  3. Yorks & Humber Hilal Group (York, Leeds, Bradford, Batley, Dewsbury etc)
  4. East Midlands Hilal Group (Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Ashbourne etc)
  5. West Midlands Hilal Group (Birmingham, Coventry, Stafford, Telford, Walsall etc)
  6. Eastern Hilal Group (Bedford, Stevenage, Peterborough, Luton etc)
  7. Greater London‎ (London: East, West, South, North etc)
  8. South East Hilal Group (Crawley, High Wycombe, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Southampton etc)
  9. South West Hilal Group (Bristol, Gloucester, Helston, Truro etc)
  10. Wales Hilal Group (Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Swansea etc)
  11. Scotland Hilal Group (Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc)
  12. Northern Ireland Hilal Group (Belfast, Derry, Newry etc) - to Join Scotland Hilal Group above (ATM)

  13. Jersey Hilal Group (St. Helier, St. John, St. Ouen, Gorey etc)