Monday 15th July 2024 | Ithnain 8th Muharram 1446 [?]
Start of Ramadan and Shawwal Predicted Crescent Visibility (Imkan Al-Ruyat) Maps for 1437 - 1455 AH

The visibility maps below show the longest day of Ramadan (June 2016) to the shortest day (December 2033), through all the seasons. The Yallop Criteria Visibility Codes are: A (Green); B (Yellow); C (Magenta); D (Blue); F (White); Moonset before sunset (Red). UK visibility: <date> <age>; <altitute>; <code>

Year Ramadan Viz Map (Day 0) Ramadan Viz Map (Day 1) Shawwal Viz Map (Day 0) Shawwal Viz Map (Day 1)
1437 Ramadan 1437a
5/6/2016 Age:17h; Alt:0°; F
Ramadan 1437b
6/6/2016 Age:41h; Alt:8°; A
Shawwal 1437a
4/7/2016 Age:9h; Alt:-4°; F
Shawwal 1437b
5/7/2016 Age:33h; Alt:2°; F
1438 Ramadan 1438a
25/5/2017 Age:0h; Alt:-5°; F
Ramadan 1438b
26/5/2017 Age:24h; Alt:4°; E
Shawwal 1438a
24/6/2017 Age:18h; Alt:0°; F
Shawwal 1438b
25/6/2017 Age:42h; Alt:7°; A
1439 Ramadan 1439a
15/5/2018 Age:8h; Alt:-2°; F
Ramadan 1439b
16/5/2018 Age:32h; Alt:8°; A
Shawwal 1439a
13/6/2018 Age:0h; Alt:-5°; F
Shawwal 1439b
14/6/2018 Age:24h; Alt:4°; F
1440 Ramadan 1440a
4/5/2019 Age:-3h Alt:-22°; F
Ramadan 1440b
5/5/2019 Age:20h Alt:4°; F
Shawwal 1440a
3/6/2019 Age:10h; Alt:0°; F
Shawwal 1440b
4/6/2019 Age:34h Alt:8°; A
1441 Ramadan 1441a
23/4/2020 Age:17h; Alt:2°; F
Ramadan 1441b
24/4/2020 Age:41h; Alt:8°; A
Shawwal 1441a
22/5/2020 Age:2h; Alt:-3°; F
Shawwal 1441b
23/5/2020 Age:26h; Alt:6°; D
1442 Ramadan 1442a
12/4/2021 Age:16h; Alt:3°; F
Ramadan 1442b
13/4/2021 Age:40h; Alt:12°; A
Shawwal 1442a
11/5/2021 Age:1h; Alt:-3°; F
Shawwal 1442b
12/5/2021 Age:25h; Alt:6°; E
1443 Ramadan 1443a
1/4/2022 Age:12h; Alt:2°; F
Ramadan 1443b
2/4/2022 Age:36h; Alt:13°; A
Shawwal 1443a
30/4/2022 Age:-1h; Alt:-9°; F
Shawwal 1443b
1/5/2022 Age:23h; Alt:7°; C
1444 Ramadan 1444a
21/3/2023 Age:1h; Alt:-3°; F
Ramadan 1444b
22/3/2023 Age:25h; Alt:10°; A
Shawwal 1444a
20/4/2023 Age:15h; Alt:5°; F
Shawwal 1444b
21/4/2023 Age:39h; Alt:16°; A
1445 Ramadan 1445a
10/3/2024 Age:9h; Alt:2°; F
Ramadan 1445b
11/3/2024 Age:33h; Alt:15°; A
Shawwal 1445a
8/4/2024 Age:0h; Alt:-2°; F
Shawwal 1445b
9/4/2024 Age:24h; Alt:11°; A
1446 Ramadan 1446a
28/2/2025 Age:17h; Alt:6°; D
Ramadan 1446b
1/3/2025 Age:41h; Alt:19°; A
Shawwal 1446a
29/3/2025 Age:7h; Alt:3°; F
Shawwal 1446b
30/3/2025 Age:31h; Alt:16°; A
1447 Ramadan 1447a
17/2/2026 Age:5h; Alt:0°; F
Ramadan 1447b
18/2/2026 Age:29h; Alt:11°; A
Shawwal 1447a
19/3/2026 Age:17h; Alt:8°; C
Shawwal 1447b
20/3/2026 Age:41h; Alt:20°; A
1448 Ramadan 1448a
6/2/2027 Age:1h; Alt:-1°; F
Ramadan 1448b
7/2/2027 Age:25h; Alt:8°; B
Shawwal 1448a
8/3/2027 Age:8h; Alt:3°; F
Shawwal 1448b
9/3/2027 Age:32h; Alt:14°; A
1449 Ramadan 1449a
26/1/2028 Age:1h; Alt:-1°; F
Ramadan 1449b
27/1/2028 Age:25h; Alt:8°; B
Shawwal 1449a
25/2/2028 Age:7h; Alt:3°; F
Shawwal 1449b
26/2/2028 Age:31h; Alt:12°; A
1450 Ramadan 1450a
14/1/2029 Age:-1h; Alt:-1°; F
Ramadan 1450b
15/1/2029 Age:23h; Alt:7°; C
Shawwal 1450a
13/2/2029 Age:6h; Alt:3°; F
Shawwal 1450b
14/2/2029 Age:30h; Alt:14°; A
1451 Ramadan 1451a
4/1/2030 Age:13h; Alt:5°; F
Ramadan 1451b
5/1/2030 Age:37h; Alt:13°; A
Shawwal 1451a
2/2/2030 Age:0h; Alt:1°; F
Shawwal 1451b
3/2/2030 Age:24h; Alt:11°; A
1452 Ramadan 1452a
24/12/2030 Age:-2h; Alt:0°; F
Ramadan 1452b
25/12/2030 Age:22h; Alt:8°; B
Shawwal 1452a
23/1/2031 Age:12h; Alt:6°; D
Shawwal 1452b
24/1/2031 Age:36h; Alt:16°; A
1453 Ramadan 1453a
14/12/2031 Age:7h; Alt:2°; F
Ramadan 1453b
15/12/2031 Age:31h; Alt:11°; A
Shawwal 1453a
12/1/2032 Age:-4h; Alt:0°; F
Shawwal 1453b
13/1/2032 Age:19h; Alt:10°; A
1454 Ramadan 1454a
2/12/2032 Age:-5h; Alt:1°; F
Ramadan 1454b
3/12/2032 Age:18h; Alt:6°; D
Shawwal 1454a
1/1/2033 Age:6h; Alt:4°; F
Shawwal 1454b
2/1/2033 Age:30h; Alt:13°; A
1455 Ramadan 1455a
22/11/2033 Age:15h; Alt:5°; F
Ramadan 1455b
23/11/2033 Age:39h; Alt:10°; A
Shawwal 1455a
21/12/2033 Age:-4h; Alt:2°; F
Shawwal 1455b
22/12/2033 Age:20h; Alt:8°; C