Similar Fatwa from Sheikh AlOthaimeen: Saudi Alim Asks Muslims in North America NOT to pray Eid on Day after Arafah

Further evidence on celebrating Eid ul Adha by local 10th of Dhulhijja instead of Saudi announcement comes from the following:

  • We do not see any evidence from Seerah that Prophet Muhammad () ever attempted to synchronize the Eid ul Adha date in Medinah with the Hajj date in Makkah ? (Please note that 10 nights and 9 days were enough to send a messenger from Makkah to Medinah with the news).
  • On the contrary, Sheikh Ibrahim Memon, Principal of Darul Uloom AlMadania, Buffalo, New York, USA has proven in his paper at Articles>Ramadan & Special Occasions>Moon Sighting that during the last year of Prophet Muhammad (), the Dates of Makkah and Medinah were different.
  • We do not see any evidence of the Khulafa Rashideen doing this synchronization between Makkah and Medinah or elsewhere
  • For over a 1000 years of Islamic History it was impossible for Muslims in far-away countries like Indonesia to find the Hajj date in time for Eid ul Adha? How could Allaah (سبحانه و تعالى) ask us to do this synchronization, which was impossible for over a 1000 years?
  • As explained earlier in this paper, "Following Makkah sighting for World wide dates" is NEITHER Ikhtilaaf AlMataale - Local sighting, NOR Ittihaad AlMataale - Global sighting - which means follow FIRST report worldwide - whether Saudia or Nigeria or Fiji etc.?
  • As mentioned in another section, it can be possible in certain years to see Dhul-Hijja hilaal in North America one date BEFORE Saudi Arabia. Following Saudi announcement for Dhul-Hijaa would then mean we ignore the Hilaal if seen locally and wait an extra day for Saudi Arabia sighting! This can’t be justified in Shariah.
  • Hajj became obligatory in 9th Hijri year, while EidUlAdha was instituted soon after Hijrah. (We find in Tirmidhi: Reported on the authority of Ibn Umar (رضي الله عنه): Rasulallah () lived in Medina for ten years and made sacrifice each year). Furthermore Eidul Adha prayers are not for the Hujjaaj.
  • In addition to Fatawa above of Saudi Scholars like Sheikh AlOthaimeen (RH), other major world scholars like Mufti Taqi Usmani (Deputy Chairman of Islamic Fiqh Academy, OIC, Jeddah), and the Annual Session of Fiqh Academy, held in Jordan, October 11-16, 1986 attended by more than 100 outstanding scholars of Shariah adopted a resolution recommending that all Muslim countries should determine all the lunar months including Dhul-Hijjah on the same basis for both EidulFitr and EidulAdha.
  • There are frequent errors in the Saudi Announced date due to reasons explained in another section and hence better to go by local sighting anyway.
4.6 Way for Unity of Muslims for Eid ul Adha

An argument often presented to “follow Saudi announcement” is “Unity of Muslims”. First of all, Unity has to be based on Qur’an and Sunnah. We can’t say that the whole world should pray Fajr by Makkah time for unity! Furthermore, if we want unity locally, - isn't it permissible for those who believe in the incorrect early date to still delay and pray Eid on "their second day" Insha'Allaah, since the Eid prayers are permissible on any of the 3 days? But those who follow the correct date can't pray a day early and accept an unfounded innovation (since it is neither Ikhtilaaf AlMataale nor Ittihaad AlMataale).

5 Sighting and Calculations are complementary and BOTH are needed
5.1 Use Calculations for Hilal Visibility, NOT for Astronomical New Moon (No Moon)

The Qur’aan states in Sura ArRahmaan #55, Verse 5: (Yusuf Ali translation): "The sun and the moon follow courses (exactly) computed." The time of conjunction or completely dark Astronomical New moon can be exactly computed. But the Calculations for Islamic Dates should be for the Visible Crescent by naked-eye from the surface of earth in local Matla, and not the calculations for the dark invisible astronomical new moon (no moon), which is typically one day before the Hilal. Similarly Moonset after Sunset does NOT mean that the Hilal will be visible. (So current UmmUlQura Calendar does not work). Likewise the age of the moon is NOT the main criterion (hence the 2006 criterion of ISNA/FC is incorrect). The main criterion for Hilal visibility is the angular separation between the Sun and the Moon at sunset. There are excellent models for predicting naked-eye visibility of Hilal now available including Odeh criterion at Alhamdulillaah and CFCO etc.