3.4 Shaikh AlQaradawi asked people who broke fast following Saudi erroneous announcement to make up for the missed fast

In this case the error was quite brazen. Later I learned that Sheikh Yusuf AlQaradawi issued a Fatwa indicating that Muslims who celebrated Eid 1420H on Friday following the Saudi announcement should make up one missed Ramadaan fast.


Sheik Qardawi: Friday is the completion of the holy month of Ramadan.

Taking the confirmed astronomical calculations, Sheik Yousof Al-Qardawi has casuist that Friday, Jan 7th is the 30th day of the holy month of Ramadan. And that the Muslims in the countries that announced Friday to be the first of the Eid like Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Qatar, UAE, and others should start Eid on Friday, and fast a day later instead of it. Previous astronomical calculations have confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that sighting the crescent on Thursday was impossible. Consequently, if the calculations showed that there is no Moon to be seen, people should not be asked to fetch it, and no testimony of sighting it should be accepted. Sheik Qardawi has manifested that if a country should announce a day as the first of Ramadan or Shawwal, then it is held responsible. And the citizens of that country must oblige to that. Because there shouldn't be two parties in the same country, one is fasting, the other is feasting. If it's hard or impossible for the whole nation to meet on the same feasting day, then it's not hard for the people of one country to do so. Finally Sheik Qardawi stated, "He who believes in the credibility of the astronomical calculations and feasted on Friday, should fast a day instead of it".

Further, the Solar eclipse of Feb 5, 2000G also proved the mistake in Eid date, according to Sheikh AlOthaimeen (RH)’s Fatwa on Solar Eclipse which implies that if there is a solar eclipse anywhere in the world after sunset in your city, then next day is not the 1st of lunar month for your city. The solar eclipse implied that if the Saudi announcement for EidUlFitr 1420 was correct, then Shawwal 1420 would be 31 days which is impossible. This Fatwa of Sheikh AlOthaimeen is shown later in this paper.

3.5 Saudi Media reports the errors

Biggest English language Saudi News paper “Arab News” of  Feb. 11, 2000 also acknowledged the mistake, but there was no official correction by the Saudi authorities. Subsequently I also saw nice articles in Arabic in AdDawah magazine, 6 Shawwal 1420H etc., and the article of Sheikh AlManea (of Makkah AlMukarramah) in AlJazeerah, December 12, 1999. I also learned that apparently it is the same few people at certain locations (in Tabouk, Hareeg and Hawtah Sudair ?), reporting on those occasions when the claims are extraordinarily early in Saudi Arabia, year after year. Wallaahu A’alam! I wonder if the presence of numerous objects in the sky today could cause errors. (E.g. see Airplanes, wisp of clouds, crescent of planets, satellites, or even a white hair in the eye, etc.). I was also told by more than one knowledgeable local brothers that there have been some claims to journalist of Hilal sighting BEFORE Maghrib from one of these regular extraordinarily early Hilal sighter! Then in 1425 H, for that year’s Dhul-Hijja, when again the start was much earlier than possible, the Saudi  Al-Watan Newspaper of Thursday, 10 Dhû-l-hijja 1425 AH reported that the KACST Astronomers checking on the reported witnesses found them to be more than 80 years old. The news from the error of Ramadan 1, of 2006 is that again, the annoucement was made though the Moonset was before Sunset and the 6 offiial Saudi Hilaal sighting committes gave negative report. This time apparently the witnesses have been asked not to speak with media! Suadi televesion reported the Head of KACST Astronomy Dept. Dr. Zaki Mustafa saying why it was impossible to sight the Hilaal on evening of Sept. 22, 2006. Also I learned from reliable sources that for Eid UlFitr 1421H, several “early witnesses” in Saudi Arabia were turned down due to the Solar eclipse. This is perhaps the first occasion I hear of “witnesses” being turned down in Saudi Arabia due to contradiction with basic scientific facts. But apparently they will still accept witnesses from the same people next year! Also see Arab News, Monday 1 October 2007: Eid Al-Fitr Will Be on Oct. 13, Say Astronomers (inspite of this, Saudis declared Eidul Fitr  to be October 12,  2007!).
Also see AlManea article: http://www.alriyadh.com/2007/10/21/article288058.html