1. If the moon is seen after SUBH-E-SADIQ and prior to sunrise towards the end of the Islamic month, then it will be impossible to see it on the eve of that day because the moonset will be before the sunset.
  2. On the basis of a sighting testimony the new Islamic month was commenced on the 29th day of the ongoing month. If on the next day there is no general sighting (pending good weather) then the testimony of the previous day will have to be rejected because the CRESCENT MOON seen on the previous evening must also be seen on the subsequent evening.
  3. The claimed sighting of a few people despite the sky being clear of dust, fog, clouds etc., will not be accepted because if the crescent was really on the horizon a general sighting would have been inevitable.
  4. If the claimed sighting is made at a time when, according to the basic fundamental astronomical rules and calculations a sighting is not possible, then that claim will have to be rejected.
  5. The Islamic month was commenced on the testimonies of a few people on the 29th of a month on a day when it was cloudy. If on the completion of 30 days, the CRESCENT MOON was not seen despite a clear sky then the testimonies will have been proved false. At the completion of 30 days of the lunar month (commenced on the basis of a true sighting) a definite CRESCENT MOON sighting is inevitable.
  6. A claimed sighting at the time of a SOLAR ECLIPSE is absolutely impossible. (e.g. Saudi Arabia claimed a sighting on 1st Muharram 1412, 12 July 1991 when there was a total eclipse in America).
  7. If places on the west of "the place" where the sighting is first made, do not confirm the sighting despite good weather conditions then the sighting on "the place" is false.
  8. A sighting before the birth of the CRESCENT MOON (i.e. before CONJUNCTION TIME) is totally incorrect.
  9. If the moonset is before sunset, then a sighting is impossible.
  10. If the sunset and moonset times coincide then a sighting on that day is impossible.

In all of the above ten circumstances, Saudi Arabia has always maintained the following phrase and made their declaration.

"Two Witnesses have testified and a decision was made..."

The information as to WHEN, WHERE and by WHOM in Saudi Arabia, the claim was made is seldom disclosed.


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Ref: Scan of the original book (PDF) | Related: The Psychological Effect on Sightings of the New Moon By Dr. Ayman Kordi [PDF] 

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[3] Saudi Arabia claimed crescent moon sighting on Monday 22nd March, 1993 even before the CONJUNCTION TIME which was 10:14 local Saudi time.