How to use the Widget

The following function descriptions refer to the numerical labels on both the Hijri Calendar Widgets (Daily and Monthly Dates) shown in Figure 1 and 2 below. The No. 1 - 3 refers to Daily Date widget and No. 4 - 15 refers to the Monthly Calendar widgets.

21 HijriCalUsage EnLabel
Figure 1
No Main Calendar Functions
1 The Arabic name of the current day and date
2 & 6 The Hijri name of the month and the year
3 & 9 The Day Adjust setting of the calendar. The default is ICOUK+0 (✓)
4 Clicking Today brings the calendar to current month and date (see 5&7)
5 The left arrow (<) reverses the calendar to back to previous months
7 The right arrow (>) forwards the calendar to future months (at least 12 months). Note that light orange background shade of the calendar indicates future (predicted) dates
8 The cogwheel opens the Setting Screen for additional functions
10 The current date is indicated by a dark orange square border
11 Any date clicked by the user is indicated by a light blue background
12 Any event (or holiday) on the date selected is shown on the calendar's bottom border
  Event markers (triangles) have been added on the relevant date from v1.1.0 update (9/2019)


22 HijriCalUsage EnLabel
Figure 2
No Setting Screen Functions
13 Clicking the double-arrow will refresh the calendar data to the default ICOUK date settings
14 Clicking 3-dots menu will open miscellaneous functions as explained below
  Islamic Holidays - will show most common Hijri holiday dates which can be found by using the left and right arrows (also the Gregorian dates of the Islamic Holidays have been added from v1.1.0 update)
  Send Hilal Report - will open the website report form (via the Internet)
  How to use Widget - will open this User Guide page on the website
  Share this Widget - will enable forwarding the Google Play/App Store link to others (on live Widget only)
  Rate this Widget - will enable open the Google Play/App Store feedback page (on live Widget only)
  About this Widget - will display the current version, notice, disclaimer and contact information via the website form or from personal email
15 Clicking the (?) symbol will display the help-texts for that function