This message is for all UK Muslims (ICOUK members & non-members).

The 1st day's crescent moon (Hilal) for Ramadan/Eid is slowly moving towards the northern hemisphere and it will be easily visible on the UK horizon from 1439 AH/2018 AD, inshaAllah.

We need a structure for reliably reporting the monthly moon sighting results. One practical suggestion is to consider the 12 UK Regions and have at least one moon sighting expert in that region to lead the observation efforts (at least for those few months the moon is on the UK horizon).

If you feel you can spare about 2 hours a month (ie. under 5 minutes/day) to revive the Sunnah of Moon Sighting in your area, please reply to this message via our on-line Contact Us form link below.

Ideally, you will have a technical background (science/engineering) to work out the physical direction/location of the moon from astronomical data, but training can be provided by ICOUK members & additional help can be obtained from local astronomical societies.

It would be preferable for each UK Region to have a group of three contact persons and one of them responsible for submitting the results to our website from the observation grounds via mobile phone links.

Please see the UK Regions Map below and let us know (via our on-line Contact Us form) which region you wish to represent. You should be willing to have your name published on our website in due course for at least *one year* so others can join you from your area (especially after working hours).

icouk regions map

UK Region Names [Nomination]

1. North East [Yes]
2. North West
3. Yorkshire and Humber [Yes]
4. East Midlands [Yes]
5. West Midlands [Yes]
6. East of England
7. Greater London [Yes]
8. South East [Yes]
9. South West
10. Wales [Yes]
11. Scotland [Yes]
12. Northern Ireland