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Significance of Ashura (10 Muharram): Abu Qatadah (R) narrated that: the Prophet (ﷺ) said: "Fast the Day of Ashura, for indeed I anticipate that Allah will forgive (the sins of) the year before it." (Tirmidhi) / Abdullah b 'Abbas (R) reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) had said: "If I live till the next (year), I would definitely observe fast on the 9th [along with the 10th]", and the narration transmitted by Abu Bakr said: "He meant the day of Ashura." (Muslim) / Note: it is recommended to fast on 9th-10th or 10th-11th (or 9th, 10th & 11th) of Muharram, InshaAllah.
First day's moon on UK horizon [Read more] | Why look for the moon after 29th date? [Read more]

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Regional Moon Sighting Fatwa by Darul Uloom Deoband
What is the basis of Global Moon Sighting in Hanafi Madhab? I wish to know if the global sighting rule is the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifa (رحمه الله, d. 772 CE) himself or was it decided later by other scholars of the Hanafi school, such as Imam Ibn Abedin Ash-Shami [رحمه الله, d. 1836 CE]? [Read more]
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Moon Sighting by Shaykh Mohammed Ibrahim Memon

This paper/fatwa discusses the different moon sighting criteria, including: Astronomical Calculations, Universal Moon Sighting, Following Saudi Arabia, Following Saudi Arabia for Dhul-Hijjah Only, Local Sighting for All Months and then concludes with the one that has the strongest evidences from the Shariah [Read more]

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Solar eclipse proves the inaccuracy of the Saudi Ummul Qura calendar

On Sunday 3rd November 2013 there was a total solar eclipse in Africa and a partial one in the Middle East, where many thousands of people witnessed the birth of the moon by the human eye, without relying on astronomical calculations. This proved beyond any doubt that the Saudi Ummul Qura calendar does not match the visibility of the moon! [Read more]

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