News: When is Dhul Hijjah 1438 (Eid-ul Adha) most likely to start? [Read more]
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Proposal for a United Eid

It is reported in the commentaries of a hadith from Sunan Abu Dawud that once the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and the Sahabah (رضي الله عنهم) did not sight the moon of Shawwal on 29 Ramadan, so they decided to fast the next day. However, later on the day, a caravan from about 20 miles outside reached Madina and two Bedouins gave testimonies that they have sighted the moon of Shawwal on the previous evening. [Read more]

Lead Hilal Observers from UK Regions

LeadHilalObserversThe 1st day's crescent moon (Hilal) for Ramadan/Eid is slowly moving towards the northern hemisphere and it will be easily visible on the UK horizon from next year (1439 AH/2018 CE), inshaAllah. If you feel you can spare about 2 hours a month (ie. under 5 minutes/day) to revive the Sunnah of Moon Sighting in your area, please reply to this message. [Read more]

ContrailOrCrescentErrorMoon Sighting Practice And Darul Uloom Bury

We wish to inform all our ICOUK members that the scholars of Darul Uloom Bury have not changed their moon sighting position from following [only] Saudi Arabia over past 30 years and do not examine the accuracy/validity of reports required by Shariah. And, since their students are the Imams of many UK Mosques, the division/split at Ramadan and two Eids continues year-after-year on an ongoing basis. [Read more]

Letter to Hazrat Maulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (حفظه الله), Darul Uloom Bury [Read more]
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Many thanks to all our website visitors and supporters for your anonymous survey votes on the Regional Moon Sighting Criteria for the UK. The overwhelming majority of you have supported it (94% Yes / 6% No votes). JazakAllahu Khairan for your time. [Read more]

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Fatwa Supporting Regional Moon Sighting Criteria
"To abandon a close country’s sightings and to accept Saudi’s sighting, is in contradiction with the principles of Fiqh”, Fatwa by Darul Uloom Deoband, Mazahirul Uloom, Jamia Islamia Taleemud Deen and many others [Read more, pdf] [Urdu/اردو]
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Moon Sighting by Shaykh Mohammed Ibrahim Memon

This paper/fatwa discusses the different moon sighting criteria, including: Astronomical Calculations, Universal Moon Sighting, Following Saudi Arabia, Following Saudi Arabia for Dhul-Hijjah Only, Local Sighting for All Months and then concludes with the one that has the strongest evidences from the Shariah [Read more]

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Solar eclipse proves the inaccuracy of the Saudi Ummul Qura calendar

On Sunday 3rd November 2013 there was a total solar eclipse in Africa and a partial one in the Middle East, where many thousands of people witnessed the birth of the moon by the human eye, without relying on astronomical calculations. This proved beyond any doubt that the Saudi Ummul Qura calendar does not match the visibility of the moon! [Read more]

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